Accommodation Types in Vietnam: Where To Stay in Vietnam

Vietnam accommodation options

Widely regarded as one of the least expensive Asian destinations, Vietnam is a popular choice amongst tourists seeking an affordable yet enriching trip.

Accommodation in Vietnam is generally inexpensive, even quality hotels in the largest cities can be found for a fraction of what travelers would pay back home.

From hostels and homestays to luxurious spa hotels, Vietnam offers something for everyone, regardless of budget or requirements.

Travelers planning a trip to Vietnam are often unsure as to whether they should reserve accommodation before going. The answer to this question can be found below along with information about lodging options available.

Should I Reserve Accommodation in Vietnam in Advance for eVisa?

Many travelers are unsure as to whether they should reserve accommodation in Vietnam in advance or once they arrive in the county.

As the Vietnam visa application form requires applicants to provide the address at which they will stay in the country, it is advisable to book at least the first few nights’ accommodations in advance.

Tourists who plan to move around the country and stay at different hotels or hostels can provide the address of the first lodging place.

The visa application form also requests visitors to state the entry and exit checkpoints. With this in mind, it is advisable for the last day or 2 of the trip to be spent in close proximity to the exit port, in most cases the airport.

What Type of Accommodation Is Available in Vietnam on a Budget?

For backpackers and anyone on a budget, the 2 most popular types of accommodation in Vietnam are hostels and guesthouses.

Hostels are a popular option amongst young backpackers who just require somewhere to rest as they move from place to place. Solo travelers also opt for hostels as they are the best way to meet other people. Some hostels organize group activities, social events, and parties.

A bed in a dormitory costs from $3 or $4 whilst a private bedroom with a shared bathroom is just a few more dollars.

Various hostels in Hanoi are accredited by Hostelling International. Online reviews can be useful when selecting a hostel.

Guesthouses in Vietnam

Guesthouses are well suited to travelers looking for budget lodging offering more privacy than a hostel. Rooms are usually basic and prices vary depending on the facilities provided.

A standard guesthouse room costs from around $15 per night.

Mid-range to Luxury Hotels in Vietnam

Tourists seeking greater comfort will find a good range of midrange to top-end hotels in the main towns and cities. Hotels are a popular choice when spending more than a couple of nights in the same place or when visiting Vietnam with children.

Although slightly more expensive than hostels and guesthouses, hotels in Vietnam are affordable and western travelers may be pleasantly surprised at what they get for their money.

Most mid-range to luxury hotels in Vietnam offer some or all of the following:

  • Air conditioning (temperatures in Vietnam peak at around 86ºF/30ºC in summer)
  • Hot water
  • Mini fridge
  • Television
  • Telephone.

Many hotels within this price range have an on-site restaurant and bar as well as room service, ideal for busy business travelers.

How much is a mid-range hotel in Vietnam?

For as little as $25 guests can book a double bedroom in a 3-star hotel in Hanoi with:

  • Breakfast included
  • Private bathroom
  • Flat-screen TV

Whilst for $50 it is possible to find a 3-star hotel with basic spa facilities.

How much is a luxury hotel in Vietnam?

The best international resorts are concentrated in Vietnam’s 2 major cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In both these locations, travelers can enjoy luxury 5-star accommodation with the best spas and excellent catering facilities.

One night in a 5-star hotel in the center of Hanoi costs from around $100 dollars and guests can expect rooftop pools, bars, and excellent dining options.

For the most exclusive vacation, holidaymakers can book a room in one of the country’s finest hotels for $400 a night. This price includes the widest range of services, fine dining, and access to top-class spa facilities.

Homestays in Vietnam

Homestays offer the most immersive experience. Homestays, which are private residences offering accommodation to paying guests, are particularly prevalent in rural areas where the local communities have reacted to increased tourism.

As guests usually stay with a family and meals are often eaten together, homestays offer an insight into the local culture and an opportunity to try traditional home cooking.

Homestays will often provide guests with the following:

  • Breakfast included, lunch and/or dinner can be added
  • Coffee, tea and filtered water
  • Bed linens and bath towels.

All hosts must meet certain standards and obtain a license in order to function as a homestay.

Price per night at a homestay depends greatly on the services offered and location however comfortable accommodation can be found in most areas for $10 to $20 per night.

Camping in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts beautiful scenery and landscapes. One of the best ways to truly appreciate nature is by going camping in Vietnam. There are campsites dotted throughout the country, from beachside resorts to remote hillside spots.

Campsites offer a range of accommodation types including:

  • Cloth tents
  • Wooden bungalows
  • Cabins.

Some campsites in Vietnam have organized activities and excursions whilst others simply provide a plot to pitch a tent. Basic tent accommodation costs in the region of $5 whilst a bungalow or cabin can be found for $15.

It is essential to consider the time of year and weather conditions in Vietnam before planning a camping trip.