Border Crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam with the eVisa

border crossing cambodia vietnam

Southeast Asia has captured the hearts of millions of westerners and many travelers take months off to explore Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia.

There are several ways to travel within the region. A very popular one is crossing the borders by land. The Cambodia-Vietnam border crossing is a valid option. If you choose to travel to Vietnam you may be able to get the Vietnam online visa is a few simple steps.

Some travelers experience confusion in regards to the border crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam. Here we explain what you need to enter Vietnam from Cambodia and how to be prepared for the immigration controls.

How to Obtain a Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia

Vietnam requires that foreign visitors have a valid visa to enter the country. If your travel route will include Vietnam you should be aware of the entry requirements. To cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam travelers will need a visa.

The good news is that Vietnam has developed an electronic visa system that allows foreign travelers of 81 countries to obtain the Vietnam eVisa through an online form.

To apply for the Vietnam eVisa citizens of eligible countries need to provide their personal details and passport information. You will need to answer questions regarding your health and travel plans. The eVisa application form only takes a few minutes.

These are the Vietnam eVisa requirements to get the online visa:

  • a valid passport from one of the 81 eligible countries
  • a digital scan of the biographical page of the passport
  • a digital passport photo
  • a debit or credit card
  • an email address

Vietnam eVisas are accepted in 33 ports of entry. Something to consider is that a visitor’s passport should have a validity of at least one month after the date of arrival and have at least two blank pages for stamps. Make sure your passport is valid when you cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam.

Can I use a VOA for Vietnam-Cambodia border crossings?

Visas on arrival are not available at Vietnam-Cambodia border crossings, as a Vietnam VOA may only be obtained for passengers arriving by air at either Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang airports.

However, electronic visas for Vietnam are valid for crossing from Cambodia into Vietnam, whether by bus, motor bike via land border checkpoints or by sea on a cruise.

Obtaining an online visa for Vietnam is also a much more efficient application method, as it eliminates the need to wait in long immigration queues upon arrival at the border to complete a VOA form.

Holders of an electronic visa can simply present an visa approval notice to immigration authorities on arrival to gain expedited entry to Vietnam.

Vietnam-Cambodia Borders

There are more than a single border crossing to enter Vietnam from Cambodia. Here we tell you a bit about each one:

Cambodia Vietnam Ports of Entry

Bavet – Moc Bai

This was the first crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia and remains a popular one for foreign travelers. The Saigon-Phnom Penh route is usually busy with fast and affordable buses.


Kaam Samnor – Ving Xuong

Here you can cross the river and arrive in Vietnam. It is a popular crossing that links Phnom Penh in Cambodia with Chau Doc in Vietnam. Have your Vietnam eVisa ready along with your passport.

Phnom Den – Tinh Bien

This crossing is open to all foreign visitors. However, on the Cambodian side transport is a bit sparse. Some travelers that have shared their experience report paying over 50 USD to get a taxi from the border town of Phnom Den to Kampot.

Prek Chak – Xa Xia

The Cambodia-Vietnam coastal border is open to travelers with a valid eVisa for Vietnam. You can enter Vietnam through the Prek Cahk – Xa Xia crossing with a motorbike ride from Kep. Hiring a moto ride to the border will cost about 7 USD.

Le Thanh – O Yadao crossing

This is a remote crossing and not as easily accessible. It connects Ban Lung in northeast Cambodia to Pleiku in Vietnam, trips could take up to six hours.

How to Get Into Vietnam from Cambodia

There are different options to get into Vietnam from Cambodia. The most common way to cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam is by bus. Flying to the main airport is also a popular alternative but can be more expensive than traveling by land.

It is also possible to cross through a river or hire a moto ride. Where you enter Vietnam will depend on the travel route you chose to make. In any case, citizens of eligible countries can present their Vietnam eVisa. If you cannot obtain an online visa for Vietnam, it’s advised to get a visa prior to your trip.

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