Checking Vietnam eVisa Status

vietnam evisa status

Million of foreign travelers apply for a Vietnam eVisa every year and receive approval for the country quickly and without any problems. However, many applicants are not entirely sure how to check the status of an application while it is still being processed.

While it is not possible to extend a Vietnam visa over the internet (it is necessary to request an extension in person at a Vietnamese Immigration Department in the country), it is entirely possible to perform a Vietnam eVisa status check online.

Find below a complete guide to where to get the status of an eVisa for Vietnam and what to do if an application is denied.

How Do You Check the eVisa Status for Vietnam?

Once the application and necessary required documents have been uploaded, travelers are able to check the evisa status for Vietnam through the updates sent to the current email address provided on the online form.

If the applicant does not receive these updates via email for whatever reason, it is possible to submit a contact form requesting the status of the application.

However, it is important to note that the facility for checking an online visa status is only available to customers.

Vietnam eVisa Processing Status

The different statuses involved in Vietnam eVisa processing are outlined below.

Pending Status

After paying the processing fee and submitting the online form, the Vietnam eVisa processing status will initially be indicated as ‘pending’ until the application is either approved or denied.

Applicants are advised to wait at least 18 hours before checking if their visa status has changed from ‘pending’, as applications are rarely processed in less time.

If the visa status has not changed from ‘pending’ after 72 hours from completing the application, applicants may submit a contact form enquiring about the delay. However, it is important to remember that an eVisa may take up to 3 days to process if there is a high number of applications.

Application Denied

If the application status has changed from ‘pending’ to ‘denied’, this means that the Vietnam eVisa application was rejected and that applicants will have to submit a new online visa form.

This is likely because some of the information provided on the form contained small spelling errors or the details do no match those of the applicant’s passport.

Therefore, it is important for the applicant to carefully check that all the data provided is correct before submitting the form.

Another reason an application may be rejected is that the photo of the traveler needed for the application does not comply with the Vietnam eVisa photograph requirements, or the image of the passport biographical page does not meet the necessary dimensions.

Therefore, the applicant should also take care to meet the exact specifications when taking and uploading their photo and the image of the passport page.

As the exact reason for why an eVisa for Vietnam has been refused is not always specified, it is important to avoid all of these errors for the application to be granted an ‘approved’ status.

eVisa Application Approved

If the application has been successful, the Vietnam eVisa status should change to ‘approved’ within 72 hours of submitting the electronic form.

However, the processing time may take longer on rare occasions, especially if there is a high number of applications or the submitted form contained any errors.

Therefore, the applicant is advised to begin the process of obtaining an eVisa for Vietnam at least 7 days before the intended date of arrival in the country.

Once approved, the applicant will receive a copy of the online Vietnam visa sent to the email address they provided on the form. It is then necessary to make a printout of the eVisa to carry when traveling to Vietnam to present to border officials upon arrival.

Those traveling with an approved eVisa should also be aware of Vietnam entry restrictions aside from having a valid travel authorization. For example, it is necessary to enter the country with the same passport used to complete the online application. Visitors with dual nationality should keep this mind to avoid any problems when crossing the Vietnam border.