The Da Lat Flower Festival: What It Is, When It Is, and How to Attend

Dalat flower festival in Vietnam

The city of Da Lat is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations. Many foreigners who applied for a visa for Vietnam decide to include Da Lat in their itinerary because of its romantic and charming atmosphere, heritage colonial architecture and natural beauty (think mountains, a lake, and waterfalls).

However, towards the end of the year there is one more special reason to come to the political and financial center of the Dam Long region. In December, Da Lat turns into the home of the famous biennial Dam Lat flower festival, one of Vietnam’s most interesting festivals.

Locals and foreigners alike flock to town to admire its colorfully-decorated streets and the many world-class flower exhibitions. It’s truly a remarkable spectacle and a fun experience for visitors of all backgrounds.

On this page, you’ll find information regarding:

  • The Da Lat festival events and celebrations
  • Practical information including dates and how to attend the festival

What Is the Da Lat Flower Festival?

Run every other year, the flower festival in Da Lat is an opportunity to showcase floriculture with exhibitions from growers who work locally as well as those who come from other regions of the country and even from abroad for the occasion.

It is meant as a way to attract investment but also celebrate the relationship between nature and humans and the beauty of flowers. It’s an event that the whole family can enjoy, making the “little Paris of Vietnam” an ideal destinations for those visiting Vietnam with kids.

The whole city is decorated for the festival: you can expect miniature landscapes, flower baskets, ornamental plants, and much more. All the main streets and locations of Da Lat take part in the event, including Xuan Huong Lake, Prenn Falls, Le Dai Hanh Flower Street – Ong Dao bridge.

Every edition of the festival develops around a specific theme — from “echoes of the jungles” to “city of a thousand flowers.” The first edition was held in 2005 with the theme “Dalat: a destination of colorful flowers”. It attracted over 80,000 visitors which were delighted with more than 160 types of flower floats, lavish performing arts programs and an exciting fireworks display.

In occasion of the third edition of the festival in 2010, the Vietnamese Prime Minister attended the event and officially recognized Da Lat as “the first city of flower festival in Vietnam”.

Throughout the years, the festival grew to include parades, flower markets, a flower culinary festival, decorated bicycles and flower fashion runway shows. The last edition of the festival in 2018 was attended by over 500,000 visitors.

Planning Your Da Lat Experience: When and How to Go

For those wondering “when is the Da Lat flower festival?” the answer is that the Da Lat flower festival is always held at the end of December and sometimes into the first week of January.

The 2019 edition of the Da Lat festival of flowers will run between the 20th and the 24th of December. The theme will be Dalat and Flowers.

The end of December is one of the best times to visit Vietnam and especially this region. The monsoon season has just passed leaving behind lush vegetation, and the temperatures are mild.

How Do I Get to Da Lat, Vietnam?

Visitors wishing to travel by air can use the Lien Khuong Airport (DLI) which sits only 30 km south of Da Lat. You can easily get from the airport to the city with the shuttle bus (the ticket costs 40,000 VND). However, this small airport only serves domestic flights.

The Da Lat train station is considered a tourist attraction nowadays and only operates a scenic route to Trai Mai. It’s worth a ride, but Thap Cham and Nha Trang (respectively 100 km and 135 km) are more viable options for transportation to major Vietnamese locations.

Many visitors decide to arrive by bus at the intercity bus station (Ben Xe Lien Thinh Da Lat) which sits just 2 km south of Xuan Huong Lake. The main provider in the area is Phuong Trang — also known as Futa Bus. If you arrive at the station with a Futa bus ticket, you will be able to claim a free shuttle ride to your hotel.

What Documents Do I Need to Visit the Flower Festival in Da Lat, Vietnam?

If you’re an eligible foreigner, you can easily apply for a visa for Vietnam online in minutes. That is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a travel authorization for the country. You’ll only need a reliable internet connection, a valid passport, and your email address.

The Vietnamese authorities will review your application and send you the approved eVisa via email. No need to visit a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in person. Remember to print your eVisa out before traveling and bring it to you to the airport. You will also need to keep it for the entirety of your stay in Vietnam.

There are no specific vaccinations required for Da Lat, just follow the health advice you have received for Vietnam.