Phu Quoc Island Visa Exemption

Visa for Phu Quoc Islands

All foreign nationals can travel to Phú Quốc Island without a visa for up to 30 days. The island was named a Special Economic Zone in 2005 and since then travelers have been able to visit Phu Quoc visa-free.

However, the visa exemption is only applicable to foreigners who travel to and from Phu Quoc on international flights. As most tourists combine their trip to the island with visiting mainland Vietnam, travelers may still need to apply for a visa.

Phú Quốc is an island in Vietnam and a popular tourist destination. It is known for its beaches, temples, and traditional fishing villages. Phu Quoc National Park covers over half of the island and is home to a variety of rare flora and fauna.

This article explains who can take advantage of the visa exemption and when a Vietnam tourist visa is required to visit Phu Quoc island.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Phu Quoc island?

Foreigners do not need a visa if they are visiting only Phu Quoc and do not wish to see any other areas of Vietnam.

To take advantage of the visa exemption, travelers must either fly directly to Phu Quoc from outside Vietnam or transit through a Vietnamese international airport in Vietnam.

Passport holders must have an onward travel ticket to a destination outside Vietnam within 30 days of arrival.

Do I need a visa for Vietnam when traveling from Phu Quoc?

Foreigners who will head to mainland Vietnam after their stay on the island should check the Vietnam visa requirements and obtain the relevant permit.

The visa exemption exclusively for foreign nationals who travel directly to and from the island from overseas.

Most foreigners require a visa for Vietnam. Travelers from 81 countries, including the US and many European nations can now apply online for the Vietnam eVisa. The online application process is fast and efficient, with no need to visit an embassy or consulate.

If I have a Vietnam eVisa do I need an additional visa for Phu Quoc?

Foreigners with a Vietnam eVisa do not need to obtain any further documentation to visit Phu Quoc. The visa can be used for the mainland and for the islands.

Travelers should note that the visa is valid for 30 days from arrival in Vietnam, any trip to Phu Quoc Island is included in this validity period.

Requirements for Phu Quoc Visa Exemption

The Phu Quoc Island visa exemption is suitable for anyone who does not intend to visit anywhere else in Vietnam and who meet all the visa exemption requirements.

Travelers can get on a plane with final destination Phu Quoc without a visa or approval letter provided they have:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival in Phu Quoc
  • An outbound/return ticket to a destination outside Vietnam within 30 days of arrival

Foreign citizens who have ever been extradited from Vietnam in the past are not able to travel to Vietnam without a visa. Individuals on Interpol’s wanted person’s list are also not eligible for the visa exemption.

How to Get a Visa for Phu Quoc

Most travelers who visit Phu Quoc Island make the most of the journey by visiting other Vietnamese destinations and, for this reason, require a visa. With the Vietnam eVisa, tourists can experience the nation’s other highlights including Ha Long Bay and Da Nang.

Passport holders from more than 80 countries can apply for a Vietnamese visa online in a few simple steps:

  • Complete the Vietnam eVisa application form
  • Pay the eVisa fees using a debit or credit card
  • Submit the application for processing

Online visa processing is fast and most applicants receive the approved eVisa within 72 hours. The permit is sent directly to the traveler by email, to be printed out and presented to border authorities.

The Vietnam eVisa is a single-entry permit valid for 30 days from the date of arrival provided on the application form.

Foreigners can go from Hanoi, or another airport in Vietnam, to Phu Quoc using the same single-entry visa provided it is within the 30-day validity period.

Visa Extension in Phu Quoc

Travelers can apply for a Vietnamese visa extension from Phu Quoc but should begin the process at least 14 days before their visa expires. This is because the passport must be sent to Ho Chi Minh City for processing by the immigration department.

Once the extension has been approved, travelers can either travel to Ho Chi Minh City to collect their passport or, if using an agency, the document can be posted back to the island.