Vietnam eVisa for Belarusian Travelers

In 2018, 2.1 million European visitors visited Vietnam, including Belarusians. The Asian country is listed to be among the favorite destinations to visit in Southeast Asia, and it is known for being one of the most inexpensive destinations for those looking to travel on a budget.

To boost the booming tourist industry even more, the Vietnamese government launched the Vietnamese online visa system.

Nationals from Belarus are among those who can now benefit from the Vietnam electronic visa scheme. That means they do not need to visit an embassy or consulate to obtain their travel permits.

Do Belarusians Need a Vietnam Visa?

Belarusian passport holders cannot visit Vietnam without a visa. The type of visa they need to obtain varies according to the purpose of their trip.

Those Belarusians interested in visiting Vietnam for a short period are now allowed to apply online for the Vietnam eVisa, a single-entry electronic permit that allows for stays of up to a month when traveling for tourism purposes.

This electronic tourist visa for Vietnam grants entry to the nation through any of Vietnam’s border crossings (land, air, or sea) to any of the eligible nationalities. It can only be used once and will expire 30 days from the date of arrival established in the application form.

Requirements Belarusians Must Meet to Qualify for a Vietnam eVisa

Provisions have been established to ensure that Belarusian travelers can obtain an electronic visa to Vietnam.

Entry visa requirements for Vietnam are as follows:

  • A working email address where to receive the visa in PDF format
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for the application fee
  • A Belarusian passport with an expiry date of at least 6 months from the confirmed date of arrival in Vietnam

Belarusian travelers who hold double nationality must travel using the same passport provided when applying for the eVisa. The online visa and the passport are electronically linked, therefore, personal information cannot be transferred to another account.

In the case that Belarusians passengers wish to extend their visa in Vietnam, they will need to leave the country and start a new visa application abroad. Most international travelers take advantage of this situation to visit the neighboring country while their Vietnam visa is being processed.

Do Belarusian passengers need a transit visa if they are transiting through Vietnam?

Belarusian visitors would require a transit visa when their layover is over 24 hours. This norm is also applicable to those Belarusian travelers who wish to leave the airport during their transiting period.

Additionally, a transit visa would be necessary when the departure is at a different point from arrival or via a different means of transportation, like for example by boat.

Is There a Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Belarusian Tourists?

Belarusian travelers with no internet access can opt to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival once they land in the country.

The visa on arrival is only issued at 5 main airports in Vietnam.

The 2 types of tourist visas on arrival vary in their length of stay. One of them has been designed for visitors of Belarus wanting to stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days, while the second option allows for a 2-month stay.

Those interested in this option can learn more about the VoA to Vietnam. However, it is always better to apply for an electronic Vietnam visa since passengers can avoid long queues when arriving in the country, as well as the fact of carrying all documents in paper.

How Can Belarusian Tourists Apply for an Electronic Visa to Vietnam?

The process of applying for an eVisa to Vietnam from Belarus is easy and can be done anytime providing the visitor has an internet connection.

Belarusian tourists are required to complete an online visa application form to visit Vietnam. This task takes about 10 minutes and travelers are advised to apply well before their trip in order to avoid any delays in their Vietnam visa.

Belarusian visitors are also encouraged to keep a printed or digital copy of their approved electronic visa.

Vietnam eVisa processing times for Belarus

After submitting the Vietnam eVisa application, petitioners from Belarus should receive the approved document within 3 business days at the latest. Nevertheless, most of them will be approved in under 24 hours.

If incorrect information is provided, the Belarusian applicant might see their Vietnam visa being denied. For this reason, travelers are strongly advised to review all their personal data before submitting their application form for screening.

Vietnam e-visas have a high and quick approval rate but still, some could be denied. Generally, a new application can be filed, especially when rejection is due to errors in data entry (typos, missing information, wrong date of birth…).