Vietnam Visa for Canadian Citizens

A Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens is mandatory for any type of travel to the country. Canada is one of the many nations that are required to obtain a visa to travel to Vietnam. Luckily, Canadians can opt for one of the new and improved methods of attaining their travel visas.

The painless system of the Vietnam eVisa allows Canadian passport holders to apply in just minutes, without leaving their home. Once approved, the eVisa permits tourists to travel freely throughout the country for 30 to 90 days depending on the type of visa. Additionally, the visa covers various categories of travel beyond vacation and business.

Do Canadian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Vietnam?

visa for vietnam

Yes, all Canadian citizens must have a visa in order to visit Vietnam. The tourist visa allows Canadians to travel to Vietnam for many reasons such as leisure, business, or a short study period.

Canadian passport holders are able to choose from either a single-entry (e-Visa) or a multiple-entry visa (Visa on Arrival). The difference being the single entry permits one stay for the duration of one to three months while the multiple entry option grants numerous stays within a three month period.

While the type of visa needed depends on each traveler’s unique plans, the application process remains the same. There are many ways passport holders are able to obtain a Vietnam visa from Canada.

Canadians can receive their Vietnam electronic visa without leaving their home. The Vietnam eVisa eliminates the need to visit an embassy, plus travelers don’t have to wait in long lines at the border. The short application and speedy delivery of the visa via email is unparalleled.


Canadian passport holders can also opt for a VOA (visa on arrival) in which one applies for pre-approval and then picks up the visa once in the country. Of course, with this option travelers run the risk of waiting in long queues at one of the Vietnamese border points.

Additionally, there is the option of applying in person but to do this, one would need to visit the Vietnamese embassy in Canada. This would involve making an appointment, printing out the application, and carrying sensitive documents to the consulate.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

The Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians is mandatory for Canadian citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam. In order to obtain a tourist visa, one must apply before entering the country. But no need to worry, the visa process is simple and straightforward.

The online visa application only takes several minutes to complete. Before beginning, applicants need to make sure they meet all of the visa requirements for Vietnam.

Additionally, keep in mind that those applying will be asked to provide personal details that should be ready to input upon beginning.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Canadian citizens are as follows:

  • Apply 7 days before expected arrival in Vietnam
  • Your Canadian Passport
    • A scan of the bio-data page that includes a photo
    • Must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after arrival date
    • Should have at least 2 blank pages for visa stamps
  • Personal information
  • Specific travel plans:
    • Dates of your stay
    • Hotel address/addresses
    • City name(s)
  • A credit or debit card of your choice to handle the visa fee

Vietnam Visa Application for Canadians

The Vietnam visa application for Canadian citizens is a painless process when completed online. Applicants can apply using any smartphone, tablet or computer that has WiFi access. The Vietnam eVisa application is easy to understand and only takes a few minutes to fully complete.

It is vital to understand that each traveler needs to fill out an application for his or her Vietnam stay. Each person that has a passport also has to have an individual visa. One visa will not suffice for more than one person.

For a seamless application experience, ensure all requirements are met before opening the online request. Each applicant will need to enter his or her personal passport information and the details of where he/she will stay once in Vietnam.

As long as you have easy access to this information the application is completed in a matter of minutes. Make sure to review all the material to ensure its accuracy. That way the there are no complications during the approval time.

In most cases, the application process generally takes about 3 business days for approval. However, it is best to apply at least 7 business days before your planned arrival. That way, in case of any delay, the visa is sure to have arrived before you enter Vietnam.

Once approved, check your email as a PDF of the visa is sent to the address that was provided in the form. Your visa should be ready to present, along with your passport, at the border so don’t forget to print it before departure.