Vietnam Visa Requirements for Colombians

Vietnam’s prime geolocation is one of the many advantages provided by the Southeast Asian country which place it in a privileged position in terms of tourism, business, and leisure. Its attractiveness is such that Vietnam welcomed more than 15 million visitors over the course of 2018.

Foodie travelers can walk through the bazaars to try exotic dishes; while more adventurous passengers are able to explore caves, and others relax in one of the many beaches of Nha Trang or Phu Quoc; and all for quite reasonable prices.

Although a high percentage of its international tourists are citizens of Asian countries, the truth is many other travelers are interested in knowing more about the Vietnamese culture, including Colombian nationals.

In this regard, Colombians planning to visit Vietnam will be pleased to note that the requirements to enter the country are very simple and easy. Vietnam started a program back in 2017 that allows citizens from more than 80 nations to enter the country with a Vietnamese electronic visa, also known as eVisa.

Do Colombians Need a Visa for Vietnam?

There are 81 eligible countries for a Vietnam electronic visa, being Colombia one of them. Therefore, the answer is yes, all Colombian travelers must have some sort of visa before they can legally enter Vietnam.

Thankfully, it is very easy to obtain a Vietnam eVisa for Colombians, as the entire process can be done from the comfort of the applicant’s home. This means travelers are able to apply for a Vietnam electronic visa from Colombia. There is no need to wait in line at the consulate, collect paperwork, or consult with an immigration officer.

Vietnam Visa for Colombian Citizens: How to Apply

Before travelers can apply for their electronic visa, they must gather a few documents and meet some conditions. The Vietnam online visa requirements for Colombians citizens include the following:

  • A valid Colombian passport
  • A recent digital passport photo of the applicant
  • A scan of the traveler’s biometric page from their passport
  • A current email address to receive notifications
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay the application fee

In order to obtain a visa for Vietnam from Colombia, travelers will need to start an online application. The entire Vietnam visa application takes less than 15 minutes and will ask applicants for their first and last name, date of birth, contact information, passport information (number, nationality, and date of expiry/issue).

Applicants will also be required to answer a few questions about their trip, such as:

  • Where they plan to go
  • The address of their hotel, hostel, or accommodation
  • A history of their vaccines
  • A recent photo of the applicant

The final step is to pay the Vietnamese eVisa fee.

After the form is submitted, it takes about 24 hours to process the Vietnamese eVisa application. However, in special cases it may take up to 72 hours due to public holidays or high demand. Once the process is completed, applicants will get an email with their approved Vietnamese eVisa.

Important notice: We encourage all applicants to apply for their Vietnamese e-Visa a minimum of 3 business days before they leave in order to give ample time to be approved. Also, Colombian tourists need to pay attention to some special conditions when traveling with children to Vietnam.

Types of Vietnam Visa for Colombian Nationals

There are currently two types of Vietnamese visas available for Colombian travelers:

  • Vietnamese eVisa for Colombians: A single-entry visa that allows travelers to remain in Vietnam for up to 30 days. Travelers will need to apply for their eVisa online. This is the recommended option, since it is a fast, easy manner to be granted a Vietnamese travel authorization.
  • Vietnam visa on arrival for Colombian passport holders: Travelers can also opt for a visa on arrival (VoA). However, please note that this visa can only be obtained if the traveler is flying in any of the 5 international airports in Vietnam. It cannot be obtained at a land crossing and you need an Approval Letter.

Transit Visa for Vietnam from Colombia

Colombian travelers who are simply transiting through Vietnam may be wondering if they need a special transit visa.

The answer to that is no, travelers from Colombia arriving in Vietnam for periods of under 24 hours will not be required to possess a transit visa. Vietnamese authorities allow travelers to remain in an airport or seaport terminal for less than a full day without a transit visa. Passengers who arrive at an airport to transfer to an onward flight will need to follow the ‘Transfer’ signs to get to the international transfer area.

It is important to note that travelers who are in the transit area cannot leave the airport to go out and explore Vietnam. They must stay in the airport until their next flight. Travelers may also be required to provide proof of onward travel to ensure that they will not remain in the transit area.

Travelers who are staying in Vietnam for more than 24 hours will need to hold a valid visa in order to do so. This means passengers under these circumstances will need to apply for a Vietnamese eVisa or a Vietnamese visa on arrival.