Vietnam Visa for Dutch Citizens

Vietnam is a country where tradition meets modernity in the most inspiring ways, where travelers can experience deep jungle treks, adventure travel, spiritual getaways, paradisiacal beach breaks, and explore ancient Asian culture and cuisine all in one place.

Vietnam now brings in tourists from all over the world looking for vacations of all kinds. In order to better manage the tourist influx, in 2017, Vietnam introduced an eVisa for certain eligible nations to apply for a travel authorization to visit Vietnam. Citizens from the Netherlands are among those travelers who are able to apply for and obtain an online Vietnam visa.

The Vietnam tourist visa for Dutch citizens can be acquired through a Vietnam eVisa platform online that allows individuals wishing to visit Vietnam from Holland to complete an online visa application which means they do not have to waste time or resources visiting an embassy or consulate to obtain the correct travel authorization.

Do Dutch Citizens Need a Visa for Vietnam?

In order to visit Vietnam for tourism, business, seeing friends and relatives, study or other purposes, Dutch citizens should apply for a Vietnam visa from the Netherlands before traveling.

Applying for a Vietnam eVisa is the recommended method of obtaining travel authorization to enter Vietnam for Dutch citizens because it can be obtained through an online system, quickly and easily, and gives the traveler a permit to remain in Vietnam for a total of 30 consecutive days.

The Vietnam visa for Dutch citizens is a single-entry visa that permits the holder one entrance into Vietnam, therefore, if the traveler needs to leave and re-enter the country, it will be necessary to apply for a Vietnam eVisa renewal.

There are 33 ports of entry in Vietnam that accept the approved Vietnam visa for citizens of the Netherlands upon arrival which allows the traveler to gain faster access and avoid queueing or extra payments that may be necessary if they were to apply for a visa on arrival.

How to Complete a Vietnam Visa Application from the Netherlands

The Vietnam visa application form is quick and easy to complete. Travelers who are looking to experience Vietnam for stays of up to 30 days can apply through the online system by simply filling out the required fields in the application form.

The following is the information the applicant should have available in order to complete the Vietnam visa application for Dutch citizens:

  • Firstly, applicants will need to fill out their personal information such as full name, date of birth, etc. This information should be exactly as it appears on the applicant’s travel documentation.
  • Also, individuals must enter their travel documentation data such as passport number, expiry date, etc. Travelers should be careful to make sure this information is 100% accurate or it could result in a delay to receive the visa or even a visa denial.
  • Finally, it is also necessary to make the visa fee payment through the online platform using a valid credit or debit card.

Note: Children under 14 years of age that are included in their parent’s or guardian’s passport do not need to submit an individual eVisa application. All children who are under 14 years of age and have their own passport will need to submit a separate application from their parents.

Once the application form is complete and payment has been made, the Vietnam visa application can be submitted to be screened by the Vietnamese authorities before the approved eVisa is sent to the applicant via email.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Dutch Citizens

There are certain Vietnam visa policies that must be adhered to by Dutch citizens who wish to travel to Vietnam using the eVisa. In order to be eligible to apply for the Vietnam visa, travelers from the Netherlands should take into consideration the following requirements before traveling:

  • It is necessary for each traveler over the age of 14 to present their own Vietnam visa application using their own full passport from the Netherlands with at least six months validity after the date of intended arrival in Vietnam
  • Minors of less than 14 years old should be included on their parent or guardian’s application
  • Applicants must have a current email address available where they will receive the approved Vietnam eVisa for Dutch citizens
  • Individuals should provide a digital passport-style photo as part of the application process
  • A scanned copy of the biographical page from the passport should also be supplied in the visa application
  • Finally, as part of the Vietnam visa requirements for Dutch citizens, applicants must also have a valid credit or debit card to pay the visa fee through the secure online platform