Vietnam Visa for Hong Kongese Citizens

Hong Kong is one of a list of countries that must get a visa for any kind of travel to Vietnam. Fortunately, the process of applying for a Vietnam eVisa for Hong Kongese citizens is simple and quick.

The application process can be completed from the comfort of one’s home and only requires a couple of minutes. Standing in a long queue at the Vietnamese border can be a very frustrating experience, but the online Visa application form to Vietnam from Hong Kong makes the entire process seamless. Furthermore, the eVisa is also accepted at nine entry seaports, 16 entry land ports and eight entry airports making travel arrangements much easier.

Do Hong Kongese Citizens Need a Visa for Vietnam?

Travelers who plan to stay in Vietnam for fewer than 30 days and are visiting the country for tourism and a variety of other reasons will need a single-entry Vietnam visa upon arrival, together with their Hong Kongese passport. In addition to tourism, the other purposes that qualify for this type of visa are:

  • Business
  • To visit family members and/or friends
  • Short employment
  • Journalism
  • Tuition
  • To attend a summit or for an official visit
  • To invest in a Vietnamese company

If the planned visit will be longer than 30 days or the reason for traveling is something other than one of these purposes listed, a multiple-entry visa will be required. A multiple-entry visa is valid for up to six months.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Hong Kongese Citizens

Luckily, the visa requirements for Hong Kongese citizens going to Vietnam are very basic. Although these Vietnam visa requirements for Hong Kong travelers are straightforward, it is very important that an applicant meets all the requirements of a Vietnam visa prior to applying for an eVisa.

Requirements for Vietnam eVisa

There are a number of minimum visa requirements in connection with passport details and documentation that all travelers must meet.

First and foremost, any traveler who wishes to apply for a visa must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least 30 days after his/her arrival date. The passport must also have at least two blank pages that will be used by the officials for stamps.

Then, applicants will be asked to answer an online application form that includes straightforward questions about their personal information, details of their passport and travel plans (which include the dates that they will be traveling and the address of where they will be residing).

How Long Can a Hong Kongese Citizen Stay in Vietnam?

While there are some countries that may travel to Vietnam without a visa, most foreign citizens (including Hong Kongese) must be in possession of a valid visa in order to gain entry to Vietnam. With a tourist visa, a Hong Kongese citizen will be allowed a single entry for a stay of 30 days or shorter. Once the traveler has entered Vietnam, it will not be possible to leave and enter the country of Vietnam again using the same visa.

How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa From Hong Kong?

Filling out the online form

Submit the Vietnam visa application form.

Pay their eVisa fee with a valid credit or debit card

Receiving the approved online Visa

Travelers with Hong Kongese passports may complete an online application for their eVisa. By applying online, the entire application process is significantly simpler and more efficient. It is also much faster as travelers are spared having to visit the embassy in-person.

The processing time is generally 72 hours (three business days). However, in some instances, it might take longer. Therefore, it is advisable that any traveler who is planning to apply for a visa must allow enough time for the processing of the Vietnam eVisa for Hong Kongese citizens and apply at least seven days prior to the planned arrival date. Travelers should also remember to go over all the details that they have provided as an error can cause complications, the application being rejected and/or delays.

After the authorities have approved the online application form, the Vietnam eVisa will be sent to the email address that has been included in the application form, in PDF format. This copy of the eVisa can then be printed out and shown at the Vietnamese border together with the right passport. In the event that the applicant has dual citizenship, he/she must use the passport that he/she has listed on the application form when traveling to Vietnam. Travelers must also remember to take all the right travel documentation with them on their trip to Vietnam.