Vietnam eVisa for Hungarian Citizens

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for holidays that Asia has to offer. The Asian country is home to the most unbelievable landscapes, including the Son Doong Cave, and the famous UNESCO heritage, the Ha Long Bay. This is why a few years ago the local government put into place a new, modern system to apply for a visa, commonly known as Vietnam eVisa.

Hungarian citizens looking to visit any of these beautiful sites can now do so by applying online for a travel permit, without the usual hassle at the embassy for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam eVisa: Importance for Hungarian Travelers

All Hungarian travelers are required by law to obtain a visa to enter and move or transit trough Vietnam safely and legally. The Vietnam eVisa is a legal travel authorization document that allows Hungarians to visit Vietnam for thirty days for any of these purposes:

  • Studies and academic endeavors
  • Labor or employment
  • Official visits or business
  • Tourism, leisure, and holidays
  • Journalism
  • Investment

The Vietnam Immigration Department instituted the Vietnamese eVisa on January 1, 2017, to allow visitors from other countries to access the country without excessive hassle. Hungarian visitors, therefore, do not have to line up at the embassy waiting to obtain their visa.

All they will need now is a computer, a robust internet connection, scans of their passports and passport-style photos, and funds on their debit/credit cards to pay the processing fee.

Why Hungarians Should Apply for the eVisa Vietnam

The main reason why citizens of Hungary should apply for a Vietnamese eVisa is that this system is more convenient and less expensive than a traditional visa, as the application process can be done from home. There will be no need to travel to the embassy.

Also, Hungarians will find it easier to enter the country. Vietnam does not have a provision for offering Visas at its border gates or ports of entry.

All foreign eligible visitors are required to apply for a pre-approved visa before entering the country via land or cruise. Visa on arrival is only available for some visitors entering the country by air.

The process to apply for a Vietnam eVisa is easy and straightforward. Once the visitor uploads the required documents and fills out the application form, they simply need to wait for three business days, after which their visa is sent to them via email in PDF format.

The eVisa can then be downloaded and printed for presentation along with the passport upon entry.

How Long Does the Vietnam eVisa Take to Process for Hungarians?

The application takes 72 hours or three business days to process, but if the application is unclear or incomplete, the process may take longer or even the application be rejected.

Applicants are urged to read through the list of requirements for a successful application before getting started to boost their chances of success. As soon as their visa is granted, Hungarians will receive a link in their email for downloading the eVisa.

Vietnam eVisa Requirements for Hungarian Travelers

Before travelers of Hungary start the Vietnam eVisa application process, they will be required to have met the following terms and conditions:

  • A valid email address to use for the duration of the application process. The Immigration Department will use the email address they provide for correspondence, and to send the link they will need to download the eVisa
  • A passport with at least six months’ validity as of the time of making the application. The applicant will be required to scan the passport page with personal details such as the name and nationality in a clear PDF format
  • A recent passport-style photograph that shows the traveler’s face clearly without spectacles or any other item that may obscure the face. The picture should be taken against a white background
  • A valid debit/credit card with funds for paying the eVisa application fees. The applicants of Hungary are advised that the application fee is non-refundable in case their application is not successful
  • A temporary address where the traveler intends to reside during their stay, which can be a motel, hotel, or private residence

Once the Hungarian applicants have met these requirements, they can proceed to the application website, where they will upload their documents and fill out a secure online form.

Travelers must ensure that the details they fill out are valid and correct. After this process, which should not take more than 10 to 20 minutes, travelers will then make the required payments.

Applying for the Vietnam eVisa from Hungary: Factors to Consider

The Hungarian passport used for applying for the eVisa must have at least two blank pages for stamping, while the transfer of visas among passports is not allowed.

If traveling with minors, travelers from Hungary will be required to have separate applications for each of them and pay the same application fees as an adult would.

Vietnam eVisa may also request for medical history and vaccinations depending on applicants’ travel history.

The Vietnam electronic visa is valid for 30 days and is a single-entry visa, though Hungarian travelers may opt to extend the permit once they are inside the country.

Vietnam online Visa holders may also enter the country on any day between those stipulated on the documents as the validity period.