Vietnam Visa For Citizens of Luxembourg

Travelers from Luxembourg must hold a Vietnam visa relevant to their purpose of visit before entering the country. Having the right information and documents prepared is an essential requirement for foreign tourists and other visitors prior to arrival.

The country is becoming evermore popular as a tourist destination and welcomes almost 15 million foreign visitors to its borders every year. To cater to this increasing demand, the Vietnamese Government implemented an electronic visa program in 2017 to streamline the process of arriving in the country.

It is now possible to obtain a Vietnam visa for Luxembourgers via a simplified online process without the need to visit an embassy or consulate. This eVisa can be acquired in as little as 24 hours before departure and permits travelers a stay of up to 30 days in the country.

To help travelers from Luxembourg get ready to visit Vietnam safely and securely, this page explains:

  • How the Vietnam visa application for Luxembourger nationals works
  • The essential Vietnam visa requirements for Luxembourger citizens
  • What types of visas Luxembourgers can apply for

Do Luxembourgers Need a Visa to Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam requires most foreign travelers to acquire a visa before entering the country. This is also the case for visitors from Luxembourg. At present, only citizens of 24 nationalities with visa exemption agreements may enter the country without applying for a visa first.

However, tourists can apply for a Vietnam visa from Luxembourg up to 24 hours before traveling. This allows visitors to obtain a single entry visa that can be used to stay in the country for up 30 days at a time. This tourist visa is fully obtainable online and can be applied for from anywhere in the world.

Vietnam Visa for Luxembourger Citizens: How to Apply

In order to apply for a Vietnam visa online , citizens of Luxembourg must adhere to the correct visa requirements. These include the following criteria:

  • Possessing a valid Luxembourg passport (this must have more than 6 months of validity on arrival in Vietnam)
  • Providing a passport sized photograph
  • Paying the associated visa fees

If the traveler meets the requirements above, they may apply for a Vietnam visa from Luxembourg.

Travelers can register as little as 24 hours before their departure for the country, however, it is advised to allow at least 72 hours to process an application as the procedure can sometimes take longer if there are mistakes or discrepancies on the form.

Applying for a Vietnam eVisa is a very simple process that can be completed in 3 easy steps. To register applicants must:

Apply online via the web application form

Pay the visa fees via debit or credit card

Receive the visa in their registered email inbox

It is necessary to enter an email address during the online application process. This allows passengers to receive approved visa and notifications on the status of their travel authorization.

Once the visa has been received, it can be printed off and presented to the national authorities on arrival. The eVisa can be used to enter most air, land or sea entry points into Vietnam.

Important: Dual nationals must travel with the same passport used during the registration process. Arriving with a different passport will invalidate the approved eVisa.

Types of Vietnam Visa for Luxembourger Nationals

There are many different Vietnam visas that can be acquired by citizens of Luxembourg. Those planning a visit to the country should be aware however that the Vietnam eVisa can be used for many different types of visit, including the following :

  • Tourism
  • Visiting relatives
  • Investment
  • Journalism
  • Study

However, travelers from Luxembourg arriving in the country for other purposes, such as to live long term or work, will need a different type of visa to enter Vietnam. These can be obtained directly from a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

There is currently no Vietnamese overseas mission located in Luxembourg. However, travelers can obtain a longer-term visa in either Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands or France to acquire the correct entry document.

It is also possible to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival for Luxembourger passport holders (VOA). However, this still requires travelers to obtain a VOA approval letter in advance, which can only be used if the applicant is arriving by air transport.

On arrival at one of the country’s international airports, it will also be necessary to queue at a specially marked counter to obtain the full Vietnam visa. Travelers will need to wait in line and then present the VOA letter and other required travel documents to get an approved travel authorization.

Transit Visa for Vietnam from Luxembourg

It is possible to use the Vietnam eVisa for transit purposes in certain circumstances. Luxembourgers transiting through the country by road or for a period of time longer than 24 hours may use an eVisa to leave the airport.

Be aware, that the Vietnam online visa is single entry only. If the holder leaves the country for any reason it invalidates the document. In order to enter again the visitor will need to complete a new visa application.

Travelers arriving in Vietnam for transit purposes for less than 24 hours do not require a visa. However, passengers that don’t obtain a visa will not be allowed to leave the airport of their arrival and will need proof of online travel.