Vietnam eVisa for Qataris

Vietnam is one of the most attractive and visited countries in Asia, with over 14 million international tourist arrivals in 2019. Most of the people who choose to travel to Vietnam are enchanted by the lovely beaches, green, tropical forests, and unique sights like the Ha Long Bay, among many others.

This is why all Qatari citizens would be delighted to know that Vietnam now has an electronic visa system that allows them to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa from the comfort of their homes. Qatar is one of the 81 countries eligible for the Vietnam eVisa.

Vietnamese territory has a place for everyone: from family-friendly spots to whole tours made while riding a motorcycle across Vietnam.

What Is the Vietnam eVisa and Why Is It Important for Qatari Travelers?

The Vietnam electronic visa, commonly known as the Vietnamese eVisa, is a legal travel authorization document that allows citizens of 81 eligible countries to enter and move through Vietnam safely for 30 days.

All Qatari citizens must obtain a visa before coming to Vietnam for any purpose, be it tourism, holidaying, visiting friends and family, or official duties.

The Vietnam eVisa can be obtained by citizens of Qatar without having to queue for hours on end at the embassy, as it requires only a computer, a stable internet connection, electronic visa application fees, and all scans of all the necessary documents.

Upon successful application, the applicant can download and print the eVisa, which will have been sent to their email address, and enter Vietnam through 28 designated ports of entry.

How Long Does the Vietnam eVisa Take to Process for Qatari Nationals?

Qatari citizens must wait for 72 hours from the time that the Vietnam Immigration Services receives the completed form and other documents for their eVisa application to go through.

The online application process includes entering only necessary details, such as their names, addresses, date of birth, and nationality.

On rare occasions, it may take longer than 72 hours, which is why Qatari citizens are encouraged to apply for the Vietnam eVisa at least seven business days before their anticipated date of arrival. To avoid such lengthy delays, all applicants are advised to ensure that their applications are complete and that the documents uploaded are clear and portray the required details.

When traveling to Vietnam, the applicants will be required to present the printed out eVisa plus all other travel documents at the port of entry they choose to enter the country through.

Advantages of Applying for the Vietnam eVisa as Qatari

The Vietnam electronic visa application process takes only a few minutes to complete and can be done from the comfort and safety of your home. By applying for the eVisa now, Qatari citizens will have access to application review services from a panel or visa experts before it is forwarded to the Vietnamese government to ensure that all details are in order and reduce the chances of application rejection.

The visa experts offer 24/7 email support and assistance in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, English, French, German, and Chinese to ensure visa applicants have all the help they need for a seamless application process.

Requirements Needed by Qatari Citizens to Apply for the Vietnam eVisa

All citizens applying for the eVisa will require the following documents for a successful application:

  • A passport with at least 6 months validity left as of the time of travel plus two free pages for stamping. The applicant will be required to scan the page with personal details such as their name, nationality, and date of expiry
  • A recent passport-style photo in .jpg format that shows the applicant’s face without spectacles and taken against a white background. The applicant will have to be looking straight forward as the picture is taken
  • A complete itinerary showing your entry and exit dates and points of entrance and exit
  • A valid international debit/credit card
  • A temporary address within the country where the applicant will be staying, such as a hotel

Once the applicant has all the requirements above, they can proceed to visit the website and apply for the eVisa. Travelers are also advised to prepare and present the proper information about health-related issues and vaccinations need to enter the country.

The Qatari applicants will upload the digital versions of their photographs and passport, fill out the information about their upcoming trip, and then pay the eVisa application fee using the payment options offered.

Applicants must note that the eVisa application fee is non-refundable in the case of an unsuccessful application. An email containing their registration code will be sent, which must be saved as it will be required when downloading the eVisa.

Factors to Consider While Traveling to Vietnam From Qatar

The Vietnam eVisa is valid for 30 days and is a single-entry visa, though travelers may opt to extend it once they are inside the country. Travelers may also enter the country on any day between those stipulated on the electronic visa as the validity period.

For safety, travelers are advised to print out at least three copies of their electronic visa, which they will be required to present to immigration officials along with their passports upon entry in any of the valid border crossings. They may also be asked about their history of vaccinations and medical history.

Important: Qatari travelers also need to apply for an eVisa on behalf of their children, if visiting Vietnam with them.