Vietnam Visa Requirements for Slovakian Citizens

Slovak citizens looking for a getaway destination in Vietnam can now obtain a Vietnamese eVisa in a matter of minutes. The government of the Asian country instituted the Vietnam electronic visa in 2017, which is available for more than 80 eligible countries, including Slovakia.

The Vietnamese eVisa is a valid travel authorization document that allows its holders to legally and freely enter and transit through the country for:

  • A short-term, unstructured study program
  • Labor or employment
  • Tourism, leisure, and holidays
  • Journalism

The Vietnamese eVisa is valid for entry through 28 ports, including 5 major airports, and allows for single entry and stay for thirty days only. The eVisa may be extended once the Slovak citizen is within the country.

Vietnam eVisa Application Process From Slovakia

The Vietnam eVisa application procedure is quick and straightforward, and should not take more than twenty minutes.

All a Slovakian intending to visit Vietnam requires for the application is a computer, reliable internet connection, the needed documents, and sufficient funds for the eVisa application fee.

The process requires the applicant to fill out personal and travel details on a secure online form and make the payment for the eVisa online via debit or credit card.

Vietnam eVisa for Slovaks: Processing time

Slovaks are expected to wait for at least three business days after receipt of payment and application forms to receive feedback on the application.

The applicants of Slovakia are also advised that, in case of an unsuccessful application, the Vietnam eVisa fees are not refundable. Failure to adhere to the stipulated guidelines for the application or uploading illegible documents and photographs may cause a delay in the visa process or rejection altogether.

The application review may also be affected by public holidays and other circumstances, which is why travelers of Slovakia are urged to make the application at least seven days prior to their anticipated date of arrival.

As soon as the application review is complete, the Slovak applicant will receive the eVisa in PDF format in the email account they indicated in their application.

Requirements for Slovaks Applying for the Vietnam eVisa

To increase the chances of a successful application, Slovaks are encouraged to adhere to the stipulated Vietnam visa entry requirements to the letter:

  • A valid email address to use for the duration of the application process. The Immigration Department will use the email address they provide for correspondence, and to send the registration code and link they will need to download the eVisa
  • A valid Slovak passport with at least six months’ validity as of the time of making the application, as well as two blank pages that would be stamped upon arrival
    A scanned copy of the passport page with personal details such as the name and nationality in a clear PDF format.
  • A recent passport-style photograph that shows the Slovak traveler’s face clearly without spectacles or any other item that may obscure the face and taken against a white background
  • A valid debit/credit card or PayPal account with funds for paying the eVisa application fees..
  • A complete itinerary with travel dates (entry and exit) and a temporary address where the Slovak traveler intends to reside during their stay. The address can be a motel, hotel, or private residence

The applicant will also have to fill out accurate details about their personal information (name, date of birth, address, health information, etc.).

If the Slovak citizen possesses dual nationality, they should ensure that the passport they use for application is valid for entry into Vietnam. If the passport is not valid, they may not be able to enter the country and may end up with an invalid visa.

They will also have to produce the printed out copy of their eVisa, which Slovak travelers are advised to print at least three copies for additional safety.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Slovak Nationals

It is also possible for Slovaks to obtain a visa upon entry into the country, known as Vietnam Visa on Arrival or Vietnam VoA, but only if they arrive by air at five main airports.

The visa upon entry grants access to longer stays (up to 60 days), but will add hassle to the travel process as filing the paperwork is quite hectic and must be completed at the border or airport.

The traveler of Slovakia will need two 4x6cm photographs and to pay an additional stamping fee for the visa. Therefore, it is advised to apply for a Vietnamese eVisa instead.