Vietnam Visa for Uruguayan Citizens

In the last few years, Vietnam has been growing in tourism along with its economic development. It is a country well known for its beautiful landscapes, friendly locals and mostly for being one of the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia. In December 2018 more than 1,300,000 international tourist arrivals were registered in Vietnam, Uruguayan nationals being among them.

Thanks to the pilot electronic program that the government of Vietnam has launched, citizens of Uruguay can now take advantage of applying for a Vietnam electronic visa without the need of going to an embassy or consulate for assistance.

What is a Vietnam Electronic Visa and Why Do Uruguayans Need It?

The Vietnam Visa is an electronic travel authorization that enables entry to Uruguayans travelers, and citizens of many other nationalities, who are interested in visiting the country.

The Uruguayan visa holder can only use the eVisa for Vietnam once (single-entry) for a maximum period of 30 days from the selected date of arrival in the territory of Vietnam. Travelers need to keep in mind the Vietnamese eVisa is a tourist visa since its sole purpose is for holidays and leisure activities.

Important: If Uruguayan passport bearers hold double citizenship, they can only travel with the passport on which the Vietnam visa has been granted.

It is also relevant to note that no personal data is transferable once the visa is confirmed due to the fact that the passport and the electronic visa are digitally linked.

How Can Uruguayan Travelers Apply for the Vietnam Visa

From the comfort of their homes, Uruguayan travelers can now complete the application process in a matter of minutes. The process only consists of filling out the Vietnam eVisa application form.

Uruguayan citizens are highly encouraged to complete the application before making any travel plans to Vietnam. This way, any misunderstanding related to the documents and conditions for getting the visa can be avoided, as well as a possible denial of the Vietnam eVisa.

During the application process, citizens from Uruguay will need to answer some questions related to safety and security. These questions are only for protocol reasons and need to be answered candidly.

Processing times for a Vietnamese visa from Uruguay

Once the Vietnam electronic visa application is completed by the Uruguayan national, it will be submitted for review to the Vietnamese Immigration officers. When it returns successfully, the approved eVisa will be sent to the citizen of Uruguay in PDF format.

The Vietnam visa is normally granted within 3 to 5 working days from the date of issue, however, the vast majority are available in 24 hours.

Note: Any incorrect information (e.g., typos, wrong date of birth) could result in a denied visa. It is important to note that when the Vietnam tourist visa expires, Uruguayan nationals will need to apply for a new one.

Travelers are highly advised to keep a hard copy or soft copy of the approved eVisa for efficiency in screening at valid Vietnamese border crossings.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Citizens

The requirements for getting a Vietnamese visa are very straightforward. It is just a set of prerequisites that Uruguayan nationals need to meet for obtaining the electronic travel permit:

  • An unexpired credit or debit card for payment of the application fee
  • An unexpired Uruguayan passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival
  • An active and operating email account for contact and receiving the visa in PDF format

Uruguayan citizens also need to facilitate their basic personal information in the registration process, which means providing their full name, date of birth, and nationality, in conjunction with their passport data, such as the passport number, issue date, and expiration date.

The second step required is delivering a 2×2 inches (4×6 cm) passport-style photograph. The passport-style photograph needs to meet some conditions like having a clear face without anything covering it, and being in focus, to list a few of the guidelines to follow.

Can Uruguayan Travelers Get a Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

The answer is yes. An Uruguayan citizen can opt to get a Vietnamese visa on arrival in the case of uncertainty of doing it online. It is important to point out that the VoA (visa on arrival) is only issued at the five main airports of Vietnam.

The visa issued on arrival varies in their validity period: one has a validity period of 30 days and the other, 60 days.

This type of visa comes handy for last-minute decisions. Nevertheless, nationals from Uruguay would still need to provide two passport-style photos and two blank pages for the immigration stamp. Therefore, it is greatly encouraged to Uruguayan visitors to obtain the Vietnam visa online instead of the VoA to avoid long lines and paperwork issues on arrival.