Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens

Citizens of up to 81 countries —including Russian passport holders— who wish to visit Vietnam for tourism are eligible to apply for a Vietnam eVisa online without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Russian citizens carrying a Vietnamese eVisa have the added benefit of being permitted to stay and travel within Vietnam for a total period of 30 days. The eVisa can be obtained simply by filling out an online form that takes just a few short minutes to complete, thus saving them time and hassle while permitting them a longer visit.

Vietnamese Visa Application for Russian Passport Holders

Vietnam Visa Russian Citizens

The Vietnamese government now allows passport holders from Russia and other eligible countries to apply for an electronic Vietnam visa. This modern travel authorization helps Russian nationals avoid the hassle of having to visit a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

The online application process significantly facilitates getting a Vietnam visa for Russian passport holders wishing to extend their stay for up to 30 consecutive days.

Since travelers are pre-screened by the authorities during the online application process, the electronic visa for Vietnam also drastically reduces the time that Russian travelers spend waiting in line for immigration officers to check their passports at border control upon their arrival.

When Do Russian Citizens Need a Visa to Travel to Vietnam?

Russian normal passport holders —that is, citizens that do not carry a diplomatic passport— are required to apply for a Vietnamese eVisa in the event that they wish to stay in Vietnam for 16 to 30 consecutive days. The application is straightforward and requires an internet connection to complete an online form.

The main advantages of traveling with a Vietnam electronic visa are:

  • The quick and easy application can be done entirely online
  • Grants access into Vietnam through 28 ports of entry (air, land or sea)
  • Avoid waiting in line at the border for a visa on arrival
  • Avoid paying additional fees in cash at the airport
  • Avoid having to present additional documents upon landing

Entry Requirements for Russian Citizens Getting Visa Vietnam

A Russian passport holder who plans to stay in Vietnam for 16 to 30 days needs to meet the Vietnam e-Visa requirements:

  • A legitimate passport with a minimum remaining validity of 1 month after the estimated travel date and 2 blank pages available
  • An email address to receive communications from the Vietnamese government concerning your application
  • A debit or credit card to cover the Vietnam electronic visa fees.

Without these simple requirements, the tourist will not be able to complete the straightforward online application to receive a Vietnamese eVisa.

The Vietnam eVisa application is approved within 3 business days in the majority of cases. Nonetheless, Russian nationals, like any other eligible visitor, are advised to submit their application for the Vietnamese electronic visa at least 7 days before their expected date of arrival to Vietnam. Once approved, the electronic visa will be securely sent to the applicant via email.

How to Apply for Vietnam Visa From Russia

Obtaining an electronic visa for Vietnam is quick and straightforward and takes applicants no more than just a few minutes to complete. Travelers can complete the vietnam visa application form for Russian citizens on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Applicants are urged to enter and carefully review the information they submit. Contact details must also be duly revised since your eVisa Vietnam will be sent to you in PDF format to the email address submitted during your online visa application.

Here is the simple step by step process for Russian passport holders to request a Vietnamese online visa:

  1. Fill out the form with your personal information: full name, date of birth, gender and nationality
  2. Enter your passport details: Passport number, country, date of issuance and expiration
  3. Complete your contact details: Email address and mobile phone number
  4. Introduce your travel plans: Intended date of arrival and purpose of your trip
  5. Tick the applicant declaration boxes and continue to submit your application


All applicants must answer a number of basic security questions. All the information entered by applicants will be verified by a database. Russian Tourist eVisa Vietnam applicants will be required to enter their debit or credit card details in order to cover the visa fee and receive their Vietnamese electronic visa within 3 business days.

Vietnamese Visa on Arrival for Russian Citizens

If you are a Russian passport holder in one of the following situations, you will need to go through a lengthier process to obtain a Vietnamese visa on arrival (VOA):

  • You are staying more than 30 consecutive days in Vietnam
  • You are traveling back and forth to Vietnam with an interval of fewer than 30 days between your departure and your next arrival

Should this be your case, you are advised to get familiar with the detailed process of how to get a Vietnamese visa on arrival.

The visa on arrival for Vietnam requires an initial online application that entails submitting documents, filling forms and sending in your payment. VOA also has a second step in which passengers wait in line at the airport, to turn in additional documents and pay another fee.

If the length of your stay in Vietnam is yet to be determined, you will find our roundup comparing the pros and cons of Vietnamese eVisa versus Vietnamese visa on arrival particularly useful.

Vietnam Embassy in Russia

Contact details for the Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, Russia:

Address for the Vietnamese Embassy in Moscow

13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St.

119021 Moscow


Phone: (+7) (495) 245 0925 and (+7) (495) 247 0212

Fax: (+7) (495) 246 3121


Address for the Vietnamese Consulate General in Vladivostok

Rua Charles Darwin, 240

Bairro Divino Espírito Santo

Vila Velha, Posto Rosalem 2



Phone: (+7) (4232) 205 814 and (+7) (4232) 226 948

Fax: (+7) (4232) 261 496


Address for the Vietnamese Consulate General in Yekaterinburg

Chapaeva 14/10, uff. 103

620075 Yekaterinburg


Phone: (+7) (343) 253 5778 and (+7) (922) 150 9999

Fax: (+7) (343) 253 5784