Vietnam Wins Multiple Prizes at World Travel Awards for Asia and Oceania 2019

Best Destination in Asia

Vietnam has been awarded multiple prizes at 2019’s World Travel Awards (WTA) for Asia and Oceania. The Southeast Asian country enjoyed its most successful year of its participation in the awards, winning four prizes overall.

Amongst the prizes given to Vietnam was the prestigious award for Asia’s Leading Destination , marking the country out as a best Asia destination and an exceptional tourist location in the region. The Indochinese nation has been steadily growing its travel and tourism industry and it is now reaping the rewards. In 2018 alone 15 million foreign tourists visited and the country is also now home to 116 Five Star hotels.

Awards Won by Vietnam in The Asia Oceania Catagory

At the 26th edition of the travel awards for the Asia-Pacific region, The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNA) won 4 awards. These recognized not only the country as a stand out cultural and touristic destination, but they celebrated the cities in the country too.

Hoi An in Vietnam’s central coastal area was especially acknowledged being awarded the title of Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination. The nation’s capital Hanoi was also honored for its excellent food and restaurant scene taking home the Asian prize for Leading Culinary Destination. In total the country won the following awards:

  • Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination 2019
  • Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019
  • Asia’s Leading Cultural Destination 2019
  • Asia’s Leading Destination 2019

Now that the country has succeeded in winning these regional prizes it will now be competing at the worldwide, WTA finals in Oman on November 28th. However, these successes at the Asia and Oceania level represent the VNA and nation’s most successful year at the World Travel Awards to date. In previous years Vietnam has won 2 awards which were:

  • Asia’s Leading Destination 2018
  • Asia’s Leading Tourist Board 2017

The country has become much better recognized in recent years as the national government’s investment in a tourist economy has increased exponentially. The safety of traveling in Vietnam is well established and it has been known for years as a great place to travel alone, with a backpack as well to tour by motorbike. Now it is growing in reputation as a mainstream tourist destination as well and is increasingly becoming a hotspot for package holidays and luxury travel.

World Travel Award Nominations Received by Vietnam in 2019

Vietnam was nominated for 6 awards in the Asia and Oceania ceremony. These honored the country for its cultural landscape, cities and as an overall tourist destination. The Indochinese nation is also in the running for the 6 same categories at the global WTA awards in November. It is nominated for:

  • World’s Leading City Destination 2019: Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • World’s Leading Culinary Destination 2019: Vietnam
  • World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2019: Hoi An, Vietnam
  • World’s Leading Cultural Destination 2019: Vietnam
  • World’s Leading Destination 2019: Vietnam
  • World’s Leading Tourist Board 2019: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

What are the World Travel Awards?

The World Travel Awards were established in 1993 and are held annually. These are the biggest awards held in the tourist business and winners are chosen by industry professionals and consumers. Each region holds its own gala celebration to honor countries in its locality which have excelled in the tourism and hospitality sector. The regional winners then compete in a worldwide grand final.

Vietnam is truly ascending as the best worldwide travel destination and these awards serve to recognize the progress the country has made in the tourism and hospitality industry. In many ways, the timing for these awards couldn’t be better as one of the best times to travel to Vietnam is from October to March during its dry season.

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